Web Design

We are aware that customers often have personalized needs, therefore, if you have some similar or particular requirements please contact us for customized offer.


Our hosting options are OPTIMIZED and CLOUD. With both plans domain registration and SLL are included, completely FREE.

OPTIMIZED plan falls under shared hosting plans but it is optimized for WordPress hosting. WordPress is most popular CMS. OPTIMZED hosting provides adequate performance for all web plans we offer. However, since it is shared hosting type, website performance might be affected if some other hosted website on the same server is using substantial resurces.

CLOUD plan provides dedicated resources, while it is still optimized for WordPress hosting. Resource intensive or high-traffic websites are likely to struggle on shared hosting, while Cloud plan can provide required resources for stable functionality.


We provide free 1 year hosting with all of our web design plans. Provided hosting is OPTIMIZED. If customer would like to upgrade to CLOUD hosting it can do so by just paying the difference for the first year.